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Services Offered:

Deluxe First Time/One Time Cleaning to include:

Top to Bottom cleaning of all surfaces: baseboards; kitchen counters, fronts of cabinet doors, top of stove, inside of microwave; bathroom cleaning & sanitizing, outsides of cabinets wiped; dusting of all wood surfaces; cleaning of all ceiling fans/light fixtures; cleaning of all floors; all trash emptied; window sills wiped; switch plates wiped; cobwebs removed; bed linens replaced (if washed and laid out)

Weekly/Bi-weekly/Monthly Maintenance Cleaning to include:

Dusting of furniture with polish; feather dusting of high areas; ceiling fan maintenance; Kitchen counters and outsides f appliances wiped down, inside of microwave; bathrooms cleaned & sanitized; window sills wiped down; switch plates wiped; trashes emptied; floors swept, mopped and vacuumed; bed linens replaced (if washed and laid out); cobwebs removed


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